35 Days of Tech Gift Ideas countdown... #35: Control Your BBQ from your smart phone

From the Tech Views blog.

It's the gift-giving season, and I'm here to give some gadget options for those on your gift list (even yourself). This is the first post in a series that will last through the holidays.

Let the countdown begin...

Day 35: Control Your BBQ from Your Smart Phone

Perfect for the backyard grillmaster, especially during chilly winter weather, the CyberQ WiFi is the world's first temperature control device for charcoal grills. It works with any WiFi-enabled device.

In short, BBQ Guru gadgets use a fan system that turns on when the temperature needs to rise and turns off when it needs to cool... keeping the charcoal grill at a consistent temperature for hours on end without having to constantly check on it and adjust dampers.

(www.thebbqguru.com; $295)

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