Michigan CPA Firm Celebrates 65th Year

In 1947:

  • Harry Truman was President of the United States;
  • Jackie Robinson entered Major League Baseball;
  • The mdoern nation of Israel was formed;
  • The top marginal U.S. income tax rate was 86%;

Also in 1947, the accounting firm Weidmayer, Schneider & Raham, CPAs, P.C. was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Initially named Gregg and Felker, CPAs, after its founding partners, the firm has transitioned over the past six decades.

As they celebrate their 65th year in practice, Steven Schneider, CPA, the firm's current managing principal (and only its fourth in 65 years,) has been reflecting on the changes the practice has seen during that time.

"We first formed in response to a need for accounting services in the region, so we set about creating a practice that could successfully support clients' taxation, taxation planning, audit and accounting needs."

In more recent years, the practice has continued to adapt to new client needs, technologies and workflow processes to help businesses and individuals be more successful with their financial management.

"To really meet our clients' needs, we worked hard to fully educate ourselves on numerous topics including business development, strategy, management, operations, performance standards and customer services," Schneider said.

"We also invested in new resources, tools and software that help businesses to grow, rather than just track their results at year end."