Stepping up to Lead: 10 Strategies for Professionals

Anyone can lead! Leadership is not a title, or a part of a job description, it is the actions that professionals can take every day when they walk through the doors at their firm. Here are 10 strategies that you can use to initiate those actions:

  1. Allocate Talent
  2. Develop Your Firm 5 Dials
  3. Training and Learning
  4. Process Improvement
  5. Develop a Written Plan
  6. Hang Onto Your Genius
  7. Following the Rules of Standardization
  8. Client Experience
  9. Business Development for Everyone
  10. Internal Client Relationships

As you might guess, you could write a full article on any one of these items, however the overriding theory here is that a leader must look at the firm with a broader and longer term view. Anyone who is leading should think and act like they “own” their area of expertise. By getting out of the habit of thinking in terms of a checklist, and thinking more strategically, you will show yourself as a person who will stand out among your peers.

Are you ready to step up to lead? Refer back to the actions above and identify those that you are not implementing today and choose just one of them to tackle now. Start your journey to a higher level of leadership by taking action today.