How Deductible is Las Vegas? (Business vs. Pleasure)

Kelly Phillips Erb (a widely-published tax attorney known on Twitter as @taxgirl), shares some of her experience from this week's AICPA Tech+ conference in Las Vegas (mostly CPAs), which also included the Association for Accounting Marketing's conference.


I had the chance to meet Kelly on the first pre-night of the conference (Sunday, June 10), and shared some conversation and camaraderie over some kind of blue beverage provided by host Jody Padar (@jodypadarcpa) and sponsor Freshbooks (@freshbooks) and their Bean Counter Ambassador, Kasey Bayne.

Kelly's post today on explains it all quite well:

This was my first trip to Vegas and I had a great time. The conference was terrific, I met lots of wonderful folks and I’m fairly certain that I did just about everything in Vegas that I could legally do. It was loads of fun. It was also very expensive.
But it was a business conference, right? So shouldn’t it all be deductible? Yes, these are the kind of things that tax professionals discuss at 3:00 a.m. over a martini or two. And, as then, I have some answers. Only this time, nobody has to jot them down on a cocktail napkin.

You can read Kelly's full article at: