ZZZZ ... The Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs

Which jobs keep people away from the ZZZs the most? According to a new survey, tax and accounting pros aren't even in the top 10. I'm pretty sure they must not have conducted the survey during tax season.

In a National Health Interview Survey commissioned by mattress retailer Sleepy's, the following occupations reported receiving the least average sleep per night:

  1. Home Health Aids (6 hrs, 57 min)
  2. Lawyers (7h)
  3. Police Officers (7h, 1m)
  4. Physicians/Paramedics (7h, 2m)
  5. Economists (7h, 3m)
  6. Social Workers (7h, 3m)
  7. Computer Programmers (7h, 3m)
  8. Financial Analysts (7h, 5m)
  9. Plant Operators (7h, 7m)
  10. Secretaries (7h, 8m)

Would you edge out one of these averages?

Here are the 10 professions that averaged the most sleep per night:

  1. Forest/Logging Workers
  2. Hairstylists
  3. Sales Representatives
  4. Bartenders
  5. Construction Workers
  6. Athletes
  7. Landscapers
  8. Engineers
  9. Aircraft Pilots
  10. Teachers

To read the whole article, visit: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/americas-10-most-sleep-deprived-222203794.html