SmartVault Releases Microsoft Outlook Plug-in…Smart!

SmartVault’s latest service enhancement is a biggie—the SmartVault Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. The plug-in allows users to leverage the convenience of email and SmartVault’s compliant solution for sharing documents. What this means for accounting professionals is an integrated solution for sending, receiving, and managing documents securely inside of Outlook without having to change the way you work.

The SmartVault Plug-in creates secure links for sending files and embeds them in email messages, instead of attaching documents to emails. With the plug-in, accountants can use email to share files securely and remain in compliance with federal Internal Revenue Code regulations and state privacy laws. The use of links also makes it easy to share large files without the use of a separate FTP service.

In brief, a few of the features of the new plug-in include the ability to:

  • Easily upload email attachments to SmartVault
  • Send secure links to files and folders in SmartVault (eliminating the need to attach files in emails)
  • Quickly convert email attachments to secure links
  • Invite and manage users

It’s an enhancement worth checking out. Find out more at