Crest Payroll Announces New Features to Make Professional Accountants Smile

I say Crest, you think toothpaste. But as an accounting professional, there's another Crest you might want to check out. Crest Payroll, offered by New Jersey-based Paramount Software , received one of our highest scores in our most recent review of payroll systems for professionals. The completely web-based system doesn't nickle and dime firms, but gives everything and the kitchen sink: any number of payroll runs for any number of clients and employees, automated compliance and reporting (they make the payments- with no impounding), client portals, employee portals, multi-account direct direct deposit, free online firm-branded payroll website, and more- all included for as little as $12 per client per month. They also just announced the addition of several new features, which you can read about here. And one last thing- there's a free 1-hour CPE credit webcast this Thursday (Nov. 17 at 2pm ET) on the advantages of web-based professional payroll. There will be drawings for both an iPad2 and a Win7 laptop. You can register for the webcast at: