Two of the Top 25 Thought Leaders in the Accounting Profession Join Forces to Strengthen the Small Business Community

More cool news from the Sleeter Conference, as The Sleeter Group and Mentor Plus are teaming up to offer a business-to-business mentoring program. It's designed to help small business consultants and accountants learn how to effectively become a mentor to their clients. Pleasanton, CA – Two of the accounting profession’s most respected thought leaders, Doug Sleeter and Edi Osborne, have come together to grow the business acumen of accountants and consultants who serve small businesses. Sleeter is the founder and president of The Sleeter Group, the nation’s largest network of small business accounting software consultants, and Osborne is the CEO of Mentor Plus, long recognized as a leader in the development of advisory services training to the accounting profession. “Small businesses are what make our country great. Unfortunately, many business owners lack the business management skills to analyze their own financial information, and to use that information to make timely strategic changes to the business. Standing back is not an option. We have to build an army of professionals with the skills to really make a difference,” Osborne said. “Over the years, The Sleeter Group has created a very passionate community of small business advocates. We are excited about the long term impact our training will have on the community of clients they serve. Because The Sleeter Group Consultants Network members are so actively engaged in supporting each other, they have the potential to create their own critical mass to help small businesses to an extent that no number of individual practitioners could ever achieve.” “The Sleeter Group is committed to helping accountants and consultants provide the services their clients really want; and that is help with managing their businesses to produce better financial results,” noted Sleeter. In 2011, both Sleeter and Osborne were named as Top 25 Thought Leaders in the profession by CPA Practice Advisor, a practice management and technology information resource for accounting professionals. Combined, the two have more than 40 years’ experience educating and empowering business advisors to provide higher value services to the small business community. “Accountants and small business technology consultants are already among the most trusted advisors to small businesses,” Sleeter added. “We believe our alignment with Mentor Plus is the perfect fit for firms who want to further strengthen their client relationships and realize growth by providing higher value services.” Mentor Plus will launch their new M.B.A.(More Business Acumen) Program and Mentor “U”niversity at The Sleeter Group’s 2011 Accounting Solution Conference, to be held on November 7-9, 2011 in Las Vegas. About The Sleeter Group The Sleeter Group ( is the largest network of small business accounting technology and business process design consultants in the country, serving over 250,000 small businesses. The company provides accounting software training resources to users and consultants including textbooks, reference books, expert level Webinars, the annual Accounting Solutions Conference, a consultant membership network, practice management tools, teaching systems, a free blog and an online newsletter. About Mentor Plus For over 20 years, Mentor Plus ( has been focused on improving the advisory skills of accounting professionals. As a result, hundreds of accountants have a more positive impact on the success of countless businesses all over North America. This success has come by teaching business fundamentals, not theory or hype, and also helping accounting professionals develop enhanced people skills and to apply their financial know-how to measure and manage all areas of business performance. -- 30 –