Thomson Reuters’ Checkpoint Gets a Makeover - Plenty of Muscle to Go Along With Its Hot New Look!

As much as we try, we can’t be experts at everything. When we need to find the right answer and find it quick, the updated version of Thomson Reuters’ Checkpoint research system makes the task substantially easier. With its contemporary, fresh new design, piloting through Checkpoint is a breeze. You have access to all the vital data via the main menu bar and expanded drop down mega menus. You can quickly start your search with a key word, natural phrase or question. Not sure of what source you want to use? Checkpoint will help you search for your source, provide source descriptions, and link out to its table of contents. There are several great new time-saving features. Annotate your research by adding notes to a document that can be viewed wherever your document appears in Checkpoint. Your notes can also be printed, emailed, or exported along with your research. Keep better track of your work with the ability to flag documents for easy retrieval later. Ensuring you get help when you need it, Checkpoint offers new instant access points for support, such as guided tutorials, training related to the topic, online support, and screen overviews with further information about what you’re viewing. And lastly, stay in the know while on the go, with Checkpoint on your iPad. For more information about the new features of Thomson Reuters’ Checkpoint, click here.