CCH is giving the 2010 Tax Filing Season a Fist Pump!

A CPA Trendlines article reported earlier this year that tax professionals were showing an increased concern for the 2010 tax season, as the result of ill-prepared clients, a scurry of tax code modifications, and the IRS’s general performance. As the door has closed on another busy season, one industry giant is claiming victory over the 2010 tax season based on the performance of their products ProSystem fx® Tax and Global fx®Tax. CCH announced that the current year was its strongest e-filing tax season to date. With both state and federal taxing authorities encouraging e-filing, thousands of practitioners relied on CCH’s tax and compliance solutions to electronically file more than 11 million tax returns. There were periods during the filing season that the CCH electronic filing platform was transmitting nearly 100,000 tax returns an hour, and on April 18th, they transmitted nearly 1 million tax returns within a 24 hour period. Now that’s productivity! Another highlight—CCH’s electronic filing system reported a more than 99.995 percent availability rating, a level required of a tier 4 data center. As industry partners like CCH are committed to providing effective solutions for CPAs, we need to look within our own firms. What new technologies are you using to improve workflow processes and increase productivity? Just something to think about, as we take a short respite before preparing for the 2011 tax season. There are a lot of new innovations out there. Use the next few months to explore and experiment. And stay tuned…we’ll try to help you sort it all out. Click here to learn more about CCH’s ProSystem fx Tax.