Will the really useful Tablet PC please report to the Marketplace?

You have to love the speculatory nature of the tech industry.  Give us two unrelated facts and a dash of hope, and off we go running with wild abandon to create the illusion that something is about to happen.Which in my case, includes the possiblity that Amazon.Com will, by this summer, introduce its own tablet PC.Believe me, it would be welcome.  We have now seen the Motorola Xoom (z.z.z.z.z!), the SamSung Galaxy (out of this world, get it?), and the Blackberry Playbook, which as its name infers seems to be targeted at kindergarteners who don't really do anything serious with their tablet PCs.  Oh, and the iPad that started this whole craze, which seems more than anything else aimed at selling us stupid games from someone called Angry Birds.I keep waiting for someone to produce a tablet for business people who really do work on their PCs.  A machine that:** Has a processor that can move at speeds somewhere above "sludge."** Has enough internal RAM to handle multi-tasking.** Has internal storage sufficient to cover up to three 8 Gb movies for international flights** Offers external data storage through an SD card or a real USB port** Offers compatiblity with the Microsoft Office Suite or one of its clones** Can synch with Microsoft Outlook** Browses the web, with Flash and HTMl 5 supportHow is it we can produce a netbook that does all of these things, but not a tablet?  I am guessing two factors...manufacturer greed, and consumer herd mentality.I don't mean to seem cruel here, but if this is the greatest that the PC industry can produce, I fear for the future of computing.Meanwhile, I will wait to see what Amazon does.  It may not be perfect, but at least it will come from a company that knows what business it is in, and how to meet the needs of its consumers.Sigh!