There’s a New Application in Town—The Only IRS Response System Developed Specifically for Practitioners

New River Innovation is a new entrant into the accounting space, offering SaaS technology that promises to change how firms handle IRS issues and notices after the April 15th deadline.   The application, Beyond415, is SaaS-based and designed to help accounting professionals quickly address IRS issues and respond to notices for clients. Beyond415 automates post-filing IRS issues from start to finish—helping practitioners save time, get it right on the first attempt, and better serve their clients.   The company’s co-founder and 19-year veteran of the IRS stated, “The IRS issued 201 million notices in 2009; that’s a 670% increase since 2001. For practitioners, this means more IRS work is coming their way—work that many find frustrating, time consuming, and confusing. Beyond415 was developed to relieve this pain point for firms.” The system is comprehensive, providing expert guidance for analyzing a client’s situation, options for client IRS account research, and tools for solution evaluation and comparison. The technology is built so practitioners or a member of their staff can easily select and customize response to an IRS issue. The system then pre-populates the necessary documents, including IRS forms, customized cover letters, worksheets, cover sheets, and document request forms—all in the IRS’s accepted formats.   Beyond415 is the first SaaS-based IRS resolution application of its kind for practitioners…and worth checking out.   For more information on New River Innovation, visit For specific information on Beyond415, visit