A ScanSnap Surprise

Over the past year or so, Fujitsu has been very active in its communications with tax and accounting professionals, attending conferences and tradeshows and reaching out to better understand the market, which has helped it better serve professionals, too. (Our own Scott Cytron recently wrote about the ScanSnap at www.cpata.com/go/2731.) I was surprised the other day, however, to see a ScanSnap S-1300 at my neighborhood convenience store. The owner-operator was too busy at the time to have a discussion about it, but it did get me thinking about ways that small businesses can benefit from the versatile little scanner/organizer. From a small retailer's point of view, I'm sure it helps keep all of the vendor receipts/invoices in order, not to mention the other routine paperwork that comes in during a busy workday. There's no question about how beneficial the ScanSnap is for accounting firms, though. As a part of the paperless office and more streamlined and optimized workflow processes, I've long been a fan of the easy-to-use desktop/mobile scanner. And just as accounting firms have started to pass the concepts of the paperless office and SaaS on to their clients, a ScanSnap for your clients might also benefit your relationship with them by helping them be more efficient and keeping everything digital, which means less manual data entry for you and them. Fujitsu's Kim Hogan recently wrote about how the technology vendor has been working hard to make accountants' jobs a little easier. What is ScanSnap Doing for Accountants? http://scansnapcommunity.com/features/3917-what-is-scansnap-doing-for-accountants-look-to-the-cloud-solutions-alliance