Quirky Sales Tax Rules... Is Your Bagel Taxable? How About Your Belt Buckle?

Earlier this week, the Tax and Accounting side of Thomson Reuters released their annual list of some of the most peculiar sales tax rules across the country. And with more than 8,000 sales taxing jurisdictions in the U.S., there's never a shortage of "things that make you go, huh?" For instance, among this year's list are bagels in New York. Forget everything you think you know about sales tax and nexus... because in the Empire State, taxability of bagels and some other prepared foods depends on where you eat it. Take-out? No sales tax. Eat in the bagel shop? Taxable. You can read more tales of strange sales taxes on our regular website at www.cpatechadvisor.com/go/3191, including peculiar sales tax holidays in Texas that exempt belts, but not buckles. Whoa, there, partner.