My Wish List for 2011 (or, a Marketer's Dream)

As I get older, I think time, indeed, DOES go faster. It seems that 2010 sped along with the same ferocity as a freight train. Now that it is the end of the year, it's time to write my wish list for the holidays - subtitled, "A Marketer's Dream." Here's what I wish for in 2011: Every managing partner of every accounting firm would thank his or her staff for a job well done. A simple "thank you" goes a long way to motivate and inspire. Marketing budgets would top 15% of firm revenue - hey, this is a "wish" list, after all, right? Firms would spend more time on "strategy" and less time on "execution." Marketing and PR directors/managers would understand that a press release does not have to be issued for just any matter, without thought as to how the story, itself, should be positioned. Firms would make their marketing directors and managers accountable for practice growth. Accounting resellers would understand that a major part of their job is to educate the profession on technology instead of trying to sell one more system firms do not understand. People really DO like receiving donations to honor them instead of another meaningless gift. World peace (OK - remember this is MY wish list). What are some of your wishes for 2011? Happy holidays to everyone and I hope we all have a great New Year!