Thomson Reuters Releases iPhone App…Cool

Mobile CS marks the first iPhone app released by the tax and accounting business of Thomson Reuters. The app extends the reach of Practice CS from desktop to smart phone, allowing more than 60,000 users to access firm, staff, and client data remotely. The initial release of Mobile CS offers on-the-go Practice CS content, such as helpful client and staff data, as well as key firm data like WIP and AR. Users have the ability to view key data and make smart business decisions on the spot, review client interactions before an important meeting, check staff availability, view the status of a project, and much more. Mobile CS is available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store free of charge. Trial data is automatically downloaded with Mobile CS enabling any iPhone user to try Mobile CS and become familiar with its features and navigation without incurring any charges. Synching a firm’s Practice CS data to Mobile CS requires licensing through Thomson Reuters. More information on Mobile CS can be located on the Thomson Reuters website at