Intuit Websites Down

Thousands of U.S. businesses faced a Wednesday without access to Intuit, QuickBooks and other online programs and services, as almost all of the technology vendor's SaaS (web-based) programs and other websites remained offline. Intuit's websites were first reported down around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15. The offline websites included QuickBooks, QuickBooksOnline, Quicken, Lacerte Software, ProSeries and the main corporate website for Intuit. The websites for two recent acquisitions by Intuit, and Intuit Online Payroll (formerly PayCycle), remained online. As of 7:30pm CDT Wednesday, the company had not resolved the down website issues, which was resulting in problems for small businesses and professionals who rely on the web-based resources and programs. Will this pose a longer-term problem for Intuit and for web-based programs in general. Whether these website difficulties prove to be purely technical or the result of external sabotage, there may be a resulting lack of confidence in the SaaS systems. What do you think?