Tools that Make a Difference…BNA Gets My Attention This Month!

Like most accounting professionals, I am always on the lookout for tools that make a positive difference in my working life. That is, those that elevate convenience and efficiency for me. I recently downloaded BNA’s Quick Tax Reference Guide for my i-Phone—ever so conveniently from Apple’s App Store (my fellow i-Phoners know what I mean). The app offers a single source to access disparate information that I can never seem to remember, like the standard mileage rate, corporate and individual tax rates, the standard deduction, section 179 limits, pension and retirement plan limitations, and so many others. BNA’s new app aggregates all this much-needed data and puts it at my fingertips. Big props go out to BNA for the very smart and uber convenient Quick Tax Reference Guide application. And even better, it’s FREE! So, if you are also the proud owner of the i-Phone, this is one app that is a must download.