2010 Tax Season…Coming to a close

As the 2010 busy season comes to a close in a little over a week, I’m sure many of my fellow colleagues will take a few days to rest and relax. As for me, I’m planning a quiet trip with my wife to see our son in the Air Force. The weeks following busy season is a good time to reflect on what went well and what could have gone better for your firm. Incremental improvements are really what it’s all about. I’m gearing up for a busy seminar season, putting the finishing touches on a few of my presentations and spending some time coordinating some design changes to our firm’s website. So far 2010 is shaping up to be a year of change, as many firms are showing a true dedication to moving forward. We often hear that the accounting profession is slow to change…but from what I can see, even that is changing. Thomson Reuters launched their 2010 schedule for Partner Summits just 3 weeks ago with venues in six cities around the country and a limit of 45 firms per city. Every seat in every city has already sold out. This is a strong indicator that firms are ready to engage and find new ways of doing business and strengthening firm operations. I believe that the more we can engage and learn from each other in the profession the better off we all will be. So, make it your priority this year to embrace technology, learn what you don’t know, and most of all—embrace change!