Embrace Change? What’s the Alternative?

I saw a lot of heads nodding in agreement this morning when Jon Baron, president of Professional Software & Services, Tax & Accounting, for Thomson Reuters, asked the profession to “Forget Same-As-Last-Year; Embrace Change!” How many accountants does it take to embrace change? If you can’t count that high, then it’s too many. A bad joke, but it does prove a point. At the opening address of today’s TR Annual Users’ Conference in Orlando, Jon unveiled two new products, Accounting CS™ and Virtual Client Office™, as well as new enhancements made to TR’s Source Document Processing. These products are a direct result of his mantra to embrace change … to accept these new applications and software enhancements as the next generation of technology – or stay behind the curve. “We are always expanding the products and services we offer to meet the ever-changing needs of the profession,” he said. “It is critical for our users to keep pace with ongoing changes.” Rootworks’ own solutions closely mirror TR’s endeavors, and I personally congratulate TR for staying on the cutting edge. The vibe at the Conference is strong, with lots of talk about how to serve clients through these new processes and applications. The bottom line: If you’re managing your practice and the technology the way they were managed two, five and even 10 years ago, you HAVE to change. There IS no alternative.