CCH Conference Delivers on SaaS Promises

The recent CCH Users' Conference in our nation’s capital was very successful, not only for all of us who use CCH products, but for the company itself. While there are lots of vendor/user conferences, it seems the CCH Conference outdoes itself every year with great sessions, announcements and networking. Were you there? I’d like to hear your thoughts about the conference. Here are the highlights I found: After four years and an investment of $70 million, CCH will launch five products on Oct. 30, including the new ProSystem fx Suite with new versions of ProSystem fx Tax, Document and Practice, as well as two new applications, ProSystem fx Workstream (the new workflow product) and ProSystem fx Portal. Following up on several of my blog postings about SaaS, Mike Sabbatis, CCH president, confirmed what I have been saying for months. He believes 40 percent of firms will adopt SaaS over next three years, with 60 percent adoption in five years. With SaaS in mind, CCH will soon offer a new and different way of working. Users will have a Dashboard that works off a single database for your firm. All programs will use the same demographics and there will no more multiple databases to manage in their software. To add even more fuel to SaaS, CCH will launch SaaS versions only of Tax, Document, Practice, Workstream and Portal in 2009, on premise will be available in 2010.   Stay tuned for critiques of the new ProSystem fx Suite.