How Balloon Boy is Like Marketing an Accounting Firm

Following up on my posting, "How is Susan Boyle Like an Accounting Firm?," we entered the Ripley's realm of Reality TV once again during last week's Balloon Boy hoax. This got my mind to make parallels on how pop culture is similar to marketing an accounting firm ... OK - bear with me on this one. Putting aside the fact that the Balloon Boy family committed all kinds of crimes (and this one blogger hopes they'll be dutifully charged for them), the stunt attracted more attention than Dancing With the Stars, Survivor and all other televised events combined. Why? It not only made for good TV - it provided a fascinating view into the horrors of a small child floating in air in a device that could seemingly crash and burn at any moment. Here's the metaphor to accounting. The Balloon Boy story is like marketing an accounting firm in the sense that firms need to think about "stunts" that attract media attention - with the stunts tasteful, appropriate and a sound reflection of the firm itself. I think back to some of the more popular media grabbers over the last few years, such as accountants running in suits and briefcases on April 15. I can't remember the firm, so if someone reading this knows, please let ME know. I Googled it to death. Firms should spend a bit of time discussing what makes good news stories - and pitch those stories to the media. Firm personnel stories (new staff, promotions), honors and awards do provide some coverage, but try thinking differently about what kinds of services you offer and your clients' success stories. Then, come up with a media plan to get coverage on those services. Many firms are doing this very effectively because they've given strategic thought to this. What has your firm received coverage on that deserves to be talked about on CPATechViews? Comment and let others know about your own successes.