Accounting Loses 6,000 Jobs in August

This story on was all over the Internet late last week and over the weekend. According to the story by Rick Telberg, “the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a seasonally-adjusted decline in staffing by 6,000 positions to 928,300 in August. Coupled with downwardly revised figures since May, it represents the fourth straight month of decline. Earlier BLS reports had shown some gains.” I’ve always been the kind of guy who sees the glass as half-full – optimistic about the accounting profession and its infinite possibilities to be a true business partner to clients and customers. Although these kinds of reports certainly do their best to drain the glass, I remain completely convinced that accounting firms can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and succeed for the long term. This takes hard work and can’t happen overnight, but if firms can focus on how to take a struggling economy and make it work, then we all benefit.