CCH Clearly Focused on the Web

Were you at last week’s Midwest Accounting and Business Finance Showcase (formerly the Business and Technology Solutions Show) in Chicago? I had the welcome opportunity to attend a dinner hosted by CCH for various people in the media and was blown away by CCH’s upcoming plans. Mike Sabbatis, president of CCH, unveiled the strategy and vision his company has worked toward for the past four years. In late October, CCH will launch several new SaaS-based products – software truly written to run in a Web browser, not an add-on program or something that doesn’t entirely use the Web. The products are very exciting because they mean that the end user can be platform-independent (I could use my Mac ) and be accessible, anytime and anywhere. CCH’s aggressive strategy to roll out several other products in the next few months prove this company is innovative and forward thinking. Mike and his team are very excited; I look forward to seeing these products hit the streets.