Are you a Mac or PC? The Lines for Accounting Firms Continue to Blur

Last week, Apple introduced Snow Leopard, its latest operating system. The real news for those of us living double lives with PCs are the new features in the mail, calendar and address book (contact) programs that now integrate with Microsoft Exchange 2007. Admittedly, I’m an early adopter of most anything because I enjoy the challenges of playing with technology. When Apple touted Snow Leopard as a leaner, meaner operating system, I knew the company would live up to its reputation – but also knew accountants would really like these new features as well, something I’m sure Apple didn’t think about too much, but an attribute very important to accounting firms. Prior to last Friday, I used Entourage, Microsoft’s Mac version of Outlook. Just to set the stage, I travel and speak often throughout the year, carry a MacBook Pro, have an iMac at home and each of my kids have a MacBook as well. We all use iPhones, and did I mention we have a Apple wireless network running throughout our house? Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Apple. Running my firm, I use all Dell PCs – hence my reference to a “double life.” In short, I integrate more than ever before by using my Mac – even Microsoft Office for Mac – along with the mail, calendar and address book. With the new SaaS-based solutions hitting the market from various accounting technology vendors, for the first time I can see having the option of running my firm with Macs.