Save Money With Cloud Computing

I’ve written a few blog entries about cloud computing – hoping to make an impact on CPAs and accountants reading these entries who can understand how this outsourced technology infrastructure model is secure and efficient. I ran across an article this morning on MSN that talks about the costs associated with cloud computing through this quote: "We know how much it takes to keep servers up and running, and we didn't want to have to do that," says Sean Reed, vice president of Mojo Interactive, an online marketing and lead-generation provider in Orlando, Florida. Four years ago, Mojo migrated its entire sales operation to, an online provider of customer relationship management services. "Up to that point, each of our sales reps had their own spreadsheets and contact databases. We had sales information all over the place. And no one could see it all in one place." But the biggest benefit of moving the sales databases to the cloud, says Reed, is that as the business grew, Mojo could easily add services and functionality. "We only paid for what we needed," says Reed. "And as our needs grew, we just upgraded to more robust editions of the service." This is a concrete cost-control example anyone in our line of business can relate to in very practical terms, especially his adage, “We only paid for what we needed.” I think that’s the crux of cloud computing.