Office Hardware to Cloud Computing: It’s a Paradigm Shift

How much hardware do our offices really need to function and how much paper can we really get rid of? In other words, if you’re thinking about buying another server or replacing the ones you have, think again. Same thing with scanners – can you exist in the virtual environment without scans of files on your servers? A recent story on talks about the transition from in-office hardware to outsourced applications, all made possible by cloud computing. Interestingly enough, and what is at the heart of Ed Spurling’s story, is that the big guns who previously pushed hardware – IBM, Microsoft and HP – are now pushing virtual technologies as a viable solution. There’s no loss of revenue if that’s what you’re thinking. All that’s happened is that these companies are selling something different – but they’re still selling – and to benefit organizations like ours who want to scrap the hardware in favor of something environmentally friendly, much more efficient, and most likely less expensive to maintain and service.