Online Professional Tax Prep... Is it time, yet?

In the upcoming July issue of The CPA Technology Advisor, I've written a column that discusses why few tax and accounting professionals are using an online tax preparation system for their client returns. Considering how popular online tax prep is for do-it-yourselfers, I think it's a curious situation. Some might blame it on the old stereotype of the "tech-leery" accountant. I think there are many reasons, but I don't buy that argument anymore. Tax and accountng professionals are no longer tech curmudgeons... they are pretty savvy, actually. And many have recently turned to online (aka hosted/SaaS) applications for many other areas of their practices, so they're obviously not "leery" of remotely hosted programs anymore. Personally, I think professionals are ready. But there aren't many options yet, and if you're brand loyal to your tax compliance system (or just don't want to learn a new system), what choice do you have? So, here's my question to you... Would you use an online professional-level tax prep system if it was offered by your vendor? And a followup... Would you consider changing to an online system if it was offered by a different tech vendor, but one that you was familiar to you? Let me know. You can reply below - no registration required.