How is Susan Boyle Like an Accounting Firm?

You'd have to be living under a rock not to know who Susan Boyle is, but in case you don't, she's came in second place in "Britain's Got Talent," a competition that propelled this no-name singer to instant stardom, thanks to a mix of kudos from Simon Cowell and a bit of viral marketing. How is Susan Boyle like an accounting firm?  Unfortunately, Susan's in rehab, not for substance abuse (according to reports), but for exhaustion. She's just plain tired of being in the spotlight and must regroup in order to move on. Accounting firms are like Susan Boyle in that they, too, are tired after busy season and must regroup. This is typically the time of year when firms hold retreats, partner meetings and similar gatherings. Isn't is about time firms figured out that planning for firm growth occurs year-round? Time cannot stop just because you're in busy season. I had a friend tell me that the best time to market yourself is when you're the busiest, because you feel the "best" about what you're doing. Great advice ... and firms should take notice. Don't stop promoting yourself, networking with clients and prospects, and planning your future just because you think you're too busy. Find time to sit down on a regular basis and talk about your growth potential. Otherwise, you'll be like Susan and only sing one note: a flat D-Minor.