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Welcome to CPATechViews.com, a blog covering technologies that affect tax and accounting professionals. CPATechViews.com features posts by practicing professionals, technology consultants and the editorial staff of The CPA Technology Advisor, the profession’s most trusted source for technology information. While this is the first blog entry for CPATechViews.com, The CPA Technology Advisor has long enjoyed a blog presence. Our hope is that CPATechViews.com becomes more than just our “new and improved” blog, but that it truly is more informative and practical to those who follow it. Among the key features will be exclusive online content produced by our regular team of bloggers, as well as RSS feeds to news and podcasts from the intersection of technology and public accounting, and direct access to the reviews, columns and features of The CPA Technology Advisor. We’ll also update you on webcasts, podcasts, tradeshows and events, as well as many of the things we’re doing in the area of awards and recognitions, such as our annual Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards, our 40 Under 40 and the Readers’ Choice Awards. CPATechViews.com will also enable you and other professionals to comment on and discuss our bloggers' posts and articles. As you can see, this is a busy intersection, and our goal with CPATechViews.com is to provide more coverage on more subjects, and in a more responsive and personal way. After all, the tax and accounting profession is going through a never-ending technological evolution. And survival of the fittest remains true here – those firms and professionals who don’t keep technologically fit will soon see their practices fading into the abyss of inefficiency and eventually insolvency. To throw out a few more metaphors, think of us as a Nautilus machine for technological prowess… or wait, how about the duo from Saturday Night Live of yore, “We’re here to pump you up,” (well, your technological savvy, anyways). Also, be sure to keep up with the latest posts on CPATechViews.com by turning on the RSS feed. That way, you’ll be among the first to know when new articles appear. Well, that’s all for now. I hope you find CPATechViews.com beneficial to you and your practice! Isaac M. O’Bannon, Technology Editor, The CPA Technology Advisor p.s. Don’t forget to check out the latest issue of The CPA Technology Advisor, which is now live on our website at www.CPATechAdvisor.com, and includes review sections on Small Business Accounting Software and Professional Tax Compliance Systems.