August: The Dog Days of Summer

When I think of August, I think of lazy hot summer days that last from whenever my friends and I wake up to when the streetlights come on — the sign to end summer play and return home for the night. I’m glad I have a head full of sweet summer memories from my childhood that I can linger over in my spare minutes, because minutes seem to be the only free time I have.

Depending on how your dog days are shaping up, you might have children getting ready to return to school, summer vacations wrapping up, another picnic to attend, a home repair project to finish, steaks to put on the grill, a few more trips around the lake on the boat, and some evenings on the front porch while fireflies provide the glimmer as the sun goes down.

As idyllic as that all sounds, there are just as many wind-down-the-summer tasks you should be thinking about for your accounting practice - steps you can take to benefit from days when the workload is lighter and morale is high.