SALT and Summer Reading

When I started my accounting career as a Deloitte tax accountant, we were each expected to choose a niche. I wanted to focus on agriculture clients, but it seemed the Chicago area wasn’t going to provide enough farmers to keep me busy, so instead I found myself getting the small business clients, and in particular, those with state and local tax issues in multiple states.

There wasn’t a lot written at that time on how to best serve these clients, and so I started writing material of my own. I wrote guides and checklists for the auditors out in the field to help them collect the proper information so that, back in the office, I could determine the tax liabilities and filing responsibilities of our multi-state clients.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my tax heart for these clients; they have to work so hard to meet so many deadlines for these taxes we used to call the small taxes. And now that SALT issues are getting national attention, thanks in great part to ecommerce, I’m so pleased to announce that we have partnered with the SALT experts at Avalara to bring you a new series called A Year in the Life of a State and Local Tax Accountant. Each month, we’ll bring you the latest news, tools, tips, checklists, and information to help you either take your SALT practice to the next level or help you get started in this area if you are new to state and local taxes. Follow our coverage in our print and digital magazines and also online at

Meanwhile, it’s June and we’re grateful to so many people from within our profession for sharing their thought leadership with us as we offer a summer reading list that’s sure to get you thinking about great new ways to improve your practice.

  • The Intentional Accountant: Your Roadmap for Building a Next Generation Accounting Firm - By M. Darren Root, CPA.CITP. How does an accounting professional go from being a client service provider to an integral advisor and successful leader? The latest book by accounting thought leader Darren Root explains how he did it.
  • Firm Forward - By Edi Osborne A business fable that describes the journey one accountant experiences as he faces the challenges of attracting and retaining quality clients, attracting and retaining quality team members, and differentiating and growing his accounting firm.
  • The End of Competitive Advantage - By Rita Gunther McGrath. It’s time to go beyond the very concept of sustainable competitive advantage and forge a new path to winning by capturing opportunities fast, exploiting them decisively, and moving on even before they are exhausted. McGrath calls this transient competitive advantage.
  • No More Cold Calling - By Joanne S. Black. This one-of-a-kind selling guide shows you how to boost your close rate to 80-90 percent, send your commissions, soaring, work less, and enjoy it more - all without ever making another cold call.
  • Professional Services Marketing 3.0 - By Bruce W. Marcus. Bruce Marcus’s newest book documents an important evolution in professional firms and the way they interact with current and prospective buyers. The author’s approach is two-fold: understand the past, and be intentional about the future.
  • 57 Ways to Grow Your Business: Bright Ideas for Serious Entrepreneurs - by Chris Frederiksen, CPA.CITP. Fifty-seven clear ideas that you can put into practice today that will improve your business and solidify your relationships with your clients.

And finally -

  • QuickBooks 2014 on Demand - by Gail Perry and Michelle Long. The one training book you and your clients need to answer all of the basic questions on using QuickBooks to its fullest.


Gail Perry, CPA - Editor-in-Chief

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Gail is the Editor-in-Chief of CPA Practice Advisor and a CPA. She is the author of over 30 books (including “ for Dummies” and “QuickBooks 2014 on Demand”) and she maintains a small tax practice. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University and studied accounting at Illinois State University before starting her professional career at Deloitte. Gail is the former publisher and editor-in-chief at AccountingWEB and is a former columnist for the Indianapolis Star newspaper. She can be reached at