Kashoo CEO Sees the World as the Marketplace for Small Businesses

CPA Practice Advisor's Editor-inChief spoke with cloud accounting vendor Jim Secord, the CEO of small business accounting developer Kashoo on the evolution of online accounting systems.

CPA PA: What sort of evolution in small business accounting occurred that enabled your product to be a possibility?

Jim: For us, it would be mobile. That was one of the key technologies that really helped differentiate where Kashoo is versus a QuickBooks or some of the more established long term players in the market. And that was a small business owner's ability to have their books with them through their mobile phone or through their tablet, and gain access anywhere, anytime. Kashoo is the first small business accounting application built in and for the age of mobile. We designed it for mobile first and then desktop second.

CPA PA: Beyond cloud and mobile, what changes do you see coming in the future that will affect the way accountants provide services to their clients?

Jim: One thing that's happening right now is access to the world markets. It's very easy to work internationally these days.