Extends Its Global Reach

Late last year, Intuit unveiled its app depot designed to make it easier for small business owners to manage their business. Since its debut, it has seen huge growth in the number of developers creating apps, with new apps being added regularly. In addition, the number of QuickBooks subscribers outside the U.S. has nearly doubled to 46,000 subscribers, and continues to grow - one more reason Intuit is looking to extend the number and types of apps available to its more than 561,000 online subscribers and 1.57 million users worldwide.

In addition to the apps that are being added, is also welcoming several new “first-of-its-kind” apps such as BuilderTREND and JuvodHR. BuilderTREND is the first construction software app to be offered and provides end-to-end construction management for a variety of builders including home builders, home improvement contractors and sub-contractors. The app allows users to streamline project management tasks such as writing checks, issuing and sharing work and change orders and scheduling. The app also features an auto-shift function which alters the schedule when an item goes over.

“BuilderTREND is an example of an app that addresses a specific vertical and then goes deep to provide users with all the information they need to manage their business,” said Ronny Tey, Group Marketing Manager, Small Business Financial Solutions. “The construction industry is a pretty strong vertical for QuickBooks. There are already apps that integrate with the desktop version, but none in the online space, until now. The accounting profession hasn’t changed much, but now that they are starting to adopt the current technologies, they are looking for apps to meet the same needs as their desktop versions. BuilderTREND is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more apps coming down the pipeline, expanding vertically and horizontally.”

JuvodHR, the first HR app available on, helps employers manage their employees more effectively. From inside the app, users can manage training for employees, as well as their pay. Managers can also use data from the Department of Labor to create accurate job descriptions. Other features include the ability to create and maintain employee reviews and compare employees across job functions.

“When we think about the small business ecosystem, it’s not just about managing the business, it’s also about managing employees,” said Tey. “JuvodHR is focused on a particular horizontal action, which can be applied to any business. The largest expense for many businesses is payroll. Owners also want to know who their top performers are and how their compensation compares to the rest of the business.”

Intuit is currently bringing on partners that serve various functions in attempts to connect them within its ecosystem and expand its app offerings to customers, as well as its global reach. The company has been working with partners in Canada, the U.K., Australia and India to integrate apps for those regions. With the latest version of, developers build versions of their apps to connect through the single API with QB globally.

“While the U.S. still remains the biggest market, other areas have experienced rapid growth and we want to bring in partners to support those areas. We’re starting by asking new partners to go global with us when they come on board. We are also checking in with existing partners to see if they would like to extend their current offerings to these markets as well,” said Tey.

As of now, most of the apps on are available in the U.S. only, but there are a number of apps going global. Transaction Pro Importer and Time Tracking by TSheets, both very popular on, have recently been made available globally with more to follow. Other apps currently based in the U.S. that integrate directly with QuickBooks on a global scale include:

The list of recent apps to join includes the following apps:

  • Jobber:  This field service management app integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and allows mobile field service companies to schedule jobs, track progress, deliver quotes, send invoices, collect payments and manage customer information.
  • Lettuce: This online inventory and order management app works with both the desktop and online version of QB. Users can automate the order fulfillment process and sync it with QB for more effective and efficient management of order, shipping labels and inventory.
  • Exact Online: This app helps users manage manufacturing and wholesale distribution from a large company
  • FundBox: A relatively new app that helps QB users advance invoices.
  • Corelytics Financial Dashboard: Currently, only available for the desktop version, this app provides SMB owners with a dashboard to get a complete picture of their business performance. Users can forecast, look at trends, view industry benchmarks and set goals. The dashboard also has a similar look and feel to QBO with its red, yellow, and green colors.

A complete list of apps currently available in the US can be found on  A complete list of apps currently available for QuickBooks in the UK ( and Australia ( is also on the countries’ respective websites. Several apps use OneSaas, a systems integrator, to integrate with QuickBooks.