Alfredo O. Riverol - 2013 40 Under 40 Honoree

Alfredo O. Riverol, CPA, CGFM, CGMA, CFA — 38
Chief Financial Officer,
City of South Miami
South Miami, FL

Education: MPA, Florida International University; MS in Taxation, Florida International University; BS in Communication, Florida International University.

Professional Associations/Memberships: AICPA, FICPA, Government Finance Officers Association, Florida Government Finance Officers Association, S. FL Govt. Finance Officers and City Clerks Association, Association of Government Accountants, and American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.

Hobbies: Being a Father and All Sports


What are the key areas of your firm that have seen the greatest change in workflow over the past few years? Are you using automated workflow tools? The City of South Miami is currently in the implementation phase of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The Accounting module is 100% operational and has produced great efficiencies in the City’s payment processing which has increased customer satisfaction.

Have you embraced cloud computing for your practice? Are you moving your clients to the cloud? Currently, all City data information is stored onsite, with monthly backups taken to an off-site location for safe keeping. Having the information stored onsite, in a secure server room allows the City to access the servers and address any issues immediately.

On a broader scale, how do you see new technologies changing the accounting profession in the near term (3-5 years)? With the newly implemented ERP, once it is operational 100%, customers will be able to complete the majority of the City’s transactions online without the need to visit City Hall or interact with any City personnel. This new system will change completely the landscape of how government business is conducted.

How mobile are you regarding your work? How have mobile devices and apps impacted your productivity and work-life balance? Currently all public safety officers and code enforcement officers use laptops and tablets to complete their daily activities. They are each equipped with printers so they can conduct their business out on the field and waste less time at City Hall.

Have you found business success via social media, either via recognizable ROI, new customers, marketing or networking? The city has implemented within the last year and half Granicus. Granicus offers the first cloud platform and suite of applications designed specifically for government agencies that want to take advantage of the convenience and cost-efficiency of software-as-a-service. With groundbreaking capabilities, Granicus solutions enable government agencies to connect with citizens in meaningful new ways online, over mobile devices, or social networks. They also help boost staff efficiency and control costs through automated online processes that can be managed at anytime, from any location.

What tips on social media do you think are essential, but perhaps missed, by professionals and small businesses? Social media provides Cities with a great medium to get information out to residents, businesses, and visitors. Social Media has allowed governments to connect with everyone in an affordable way to reach the masses and get the information out. Learning to implement Social Media into any organization is essential and beneficial for its future success.

What single piece of technology do you find the most important in your professional life? Smartphones! The single most used piece of technology in today’s world is smartphones. Almost everyone at this point owns one and they are a part of their regular life, like a vehicle, or a television. It is by far one of the most relied upon pieces of equipment that people use daily. It is because of Smartphones that governments are able to communicate at a greater speed with the public and it is because of Smartphones that the public is able to gain large amounts of information in such a short amount of time.

Not including your current employer, what company do you most admire and why? Miami-Dade County. They are on the cutting age of technology with reference to accounting and its integration with service modules. This allows for better reporting and better information for the County Commissioners; the policy makers of the County.

What brand/model mobile phone do you use? Assigned City personnel are all using and assigned iPhones. This allows staff to communicate internally and externally at a greater pace and access many different applications which are regularly used in their duties.

Do you use a tablet for work purposes? iPads are used by many of the staff and all Code Enforcement Officers in their regular duties. Furthermore, the City last year implemented a paperless initiative. In an effort to avoid printing agenda packets, which at time can be voluminous, the Mayor and Commissioners were assigned iPads and now receive all of the Commission agenda packets via the iPads.

What is your favorite accounting mobile app, and why? My favorite accounting application must be Pay-by-Phone which is not exactly an accounting software, however, it provides me the capabilities to view all the parking spaces which are currently being used throughout the City and allows me to view the funds within each of the City’s multi-space parking meters and effectively dispatch collection personnel to the needed multi-space parking meters.

How many monitors do you have on your desktop workstation? I currently have two monitors on my desk which is connected to my desktop workstation. I will be requesting an additional monitor in the very near future in an effort to view different information simultaneously which helps me be much more productive.


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