2013 Who's Who Among Technology and Service Providers for the Tax & Accounting Profession

From the May 2013 issue.

Whether you built your firm from scratch, partnered with other professionals from the start or started with a single client and a dream, your practice is your future. However, even sole practitioners are never alone.

No matter the size of your practice or your specialty, there are many resources you use on a day-to-day basis to not only do your client service work, but also to help you manage your firm more productively and profitably. From tax compliance systems to write-up, from payroll to audit engagements, and practice management to IT infrastructure, the technology vendors that provide the programs and web-based applications you use are essential to your success.

In addition to these technology developers, other resources help you and your firm better manage workflows, develop more productive client relationships and effective firm marketing, thereby achieving even greater success by creating “next generation” professional practices that are rooted in proven strategic vision and implementation.

Today’s most successful firms are those using the right technologies and best practices, both offered by vendors and consultants who truly understand the profession inside and out, and who work with professionals to continue to evolve alongside them as their partners.

The technology providers and consulting professionals in this year’s “Who’s Who” section have dedicated their own businesses to helping tax and accounting firms achieve success in the near and long term. These vendors understand and respect that your investment in their products and services is in an investment in the future of your practice.

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