Distributing Success

[This First-Hand user experience is about Sage HRMS. You can read the 2012 review of the program here.]

Once a business passes a hundred or more employees, managing payroll and human resources can be a challenge. For Eagle Rock Distributing Company, this was heightened by a frequently mobile employee base of nearly 300.

Lisa Jones
VP Administration
Eagle Rock Distributing Company

Operating from distribution centers in the Atlanta suburbs of Stone Mountain and Dalton, Eagle Rock is a beverage distributor that offers transportation and refrigerated storage of beer and other perishable drinks to more than 2,000 retailers, restaurants and bars. This requires a fleet of vehicles being on the road day and night to meet the needs of its customers.

With drivers on the road and operations staff at different locations, Eagle Rock needed to find a way to manage payroll and the HR needs of its employees. Lisa Jones, the company’s vice president of administration, says that Sage HRMS has been an essential part of Eagle Rock’s ability to keep up with the changing needs of their industry.

“We have used Sage HRMS for years because it continues to work for us as we grow and provides the tools we need for management and compliance, as well as features that are convenient for our employees.”

ESS: Saving Time & Money

One of the most beneficial features, Lisa says, is the Employee Self Service module because it helps them streamline their workflow. The company has been offering Direct Deposit for years, but before Eagle Rock started using ESS, they had to distribute printed check and Direct Deposit vouchers to staff.

“We are committed to becoming a paperless department. We added the self service module to help us to meet that goal, and also to provide access to staff.” The ESS system gives each employee the ability to access and update much of their own payroll and HR data, including pay stubs and YTD histories, W-2s, withholding information and vacation accruals. It also helps the payroll department be more efficient.

“We are saving about five hours each week just from the time we used to spend printing, stuffing and distributing vouchers, and even more time on other functions. It’s a tremendous time-saver,” Jones says. “It also is a better business practice, since we no longer have printed documents containing sensitive payroll data.”

As a component of the broader Sage HRMS Suite, ESS also offers tracking of employee training, job histories, performance reviews and attendance balances, and employees can make time-off requests that are routed to supervisors.

Payroll features in Sage HRMS include unlimited direct deposit accounts, full state and federal reporting compliance, support for all pay types and multi-state employees, and a fully customizable library of comprehensive payroll reports. For growing enterprises with increasingly complex payroll and HR requirements, Sage HRMS streamlines all of these processes helps businesses be more efficient.