Partners in Payroll

[This First-Hand user experience is about the 1099-Etc program from AMS Software. You can read the 2012 review of the program here.]

Finding the right tools for your practice is essential to your productivity and success. This is especially so for firms that manage payroll for their clients. Alan Goldberg knows this firsthand.

Alan Goldberg, CPA
Founder & Owner
Alan L. Goldberg CPAs

The CPA, who is the owner of small general accountancy in New York City, is also the owner of the not-so-small, a service bureau that specializes in managing household employment tax reporting, as well as commercial payroll. With 1099-Etc as the firm’s key technology, NannyTax has grown over the years to be one of the largest in its field in the country, producing thousands of quarterly and annual returns per year for clients in 20 states.

Alan says that 1099-Etc is critical to the growth they’ve achieved because of the efficiency of the system, multiple data entry methods and batch processing features that including collating of 941s, instructions, state forms and instructions and cover letters.

Customer Service is Most Important

Alan’s favorite feature of 1099-Etc, however, is in the support and personalized service he receives from Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS), the maker of the program.

“When implementing the new pay stub requirement for New York household employers, we needed some customization done to the program,” he said. “They listened and within a few days had an update to the program that was not only in compliance with the new requirement, but offered more value and information to clients. And when you provide more value to your client, you can bill more.”

Over the more than 20 years that Alan has been using 1099-Etc, AMS has done many other customizations to the system based on feedback from Alan and other customers, he said, adding that support is included in pricing and the staff is knowledgeable.

The Bottom Line

“AMS is my partner in payroll processing. They are super responsive to programming needs, and on top of the needs of payroll providers, because they monitor compliance issues on a real time basis.”