CMS Payroll Provides Strong Solution for Managing Large Client Payrolls

Cougar Mountain - CMS Professional Payroll

From the Oct. 2012 Review Section on Payroll Systems.

The CMS Professional Payroll system from Cougar Mountain is designed for professionals managing payrolls for multiple clients, including larger businesses. The system offers total integration with the company’s other programs, which include complete business and non-profit accounting systems and point-of-sale software.

Since it can be used to support any number of businesses with separate EINs, or businesses with multiple divisions, department codes, frequencies, and job costing data, CMS Professional Payroll can be used by accounting firms managing payroll processes for multiple clients. Each business can have any number of active and inactive employees.

Payroll functions are guided, helping less frequent users, and then automatically calculating all taxes, benefits and deductions. It supports all states and comes with state tax rates that are updated as necessary.

CMS Payroll allows multiple pay rates per employee and supports all compensation types, including salary, hourly, salary with overtime, per-diem, contract, piece-work, tipped and bonus or commission. It also supports multi-state workers. Unlimited pre and post-tax deductions, including third-party pay, benefits and garnishments can also be easily handled through the program, with printing to pre-formatted or plain paper with MICR encoding.

Reporting is available immediately following payroll runs, with complete drill-down access to underlying data. Reports include a W-2 report, wages, departments, master employee, employee earnings, projects, histories, leave, benefits and deductions. Users can tailor many fields and features in the system to their needs, and an optional reporting module provides additional report customization.

CMS Payroll can produce paper or electronic W-2 reports for e-filing form 941, and also offers the 941A. Full W-2 and 1099 generation is also included. An option is available to have Cougar Mountain, and its partner Atrix, manage all state and federal filings.