UTC RETAIL Offers All-Inclusive Solution

UTC Retail Point-of-Sale

From the Aug. 2012 review of Point-of-Sale Systems.

Retailers face many challenges, particularly when it comes to finding a point-of-sale system that can meet all of their needs, from the necessary hardware, the software the point-of-sale uses to manage transactions and the services they need to keep running efficiently.

While many vendors offer the hardware or the software, few offer an all-inclusive system, but UTC Retail does. The company develops, markets and services several point-of-sale systems designed for small and mid-sized retailers. The company’s software can be used to manage retailers with anywhere from one to 1,000 locations, and its feature set includes specific tools for managing complex merchandise inventories across all locations.

UTC also provides mobile and remote retailing functions, order processing, planning utilities and advanced reporting and analytics, with managerial reporting accessible via mobile devices. The system can be configured to automatically post transactions to virtually all small and mid-sized business management systems, from QuickBooks and Sage, to NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics. It also offers integration with timeclock utilities and other programs.

Extensive customization options allow businesses to tailor the program to their specific needs and workflow, including setting varying levels of user and managerial access rights and security, customizing data fields and additional areas of the program. It includes advanced retail management tools, including warehousing, distribution, allocation, call center, mail order and catalog sales, and e-commerce.

The hardware solutions offered by UTC include terminals, fixed and portable handheld scanners, credit card processers and servers, with modular designs that allow for simple scalability if a retailer needs to add new stations. UTC provides full U.S.-based support, from initial planning and business analysis, through system configuration, user training and ongoing technical assistance. Pricing is dependent upon the number of point-of-sale stations within a retailer, as well as the number of locations and specific needs such as warehousing and distribution.