2012 Accountant’s Technology & Services Guide

From the July 2012 Issue.

As a professional, your firm likely has many unique needs that are based on many factors, including the types of clients you serve and the needs of your staff. Finding the solutions and the right tools to help you work where, when and how you want, can be just as critical to your productivity as developing the best workflow processes and finding the right team to work with you, but with the constantly changing nature of technology, it can be a challenge.

The same challenges are faced by your clients, who are looking for ways to increase their own productivity and to be better able to compete in today’s economy. Where do they turn when they have questions about their financial capabilities? As their accountant, they likely turn to you, their most trusted advisor. When it comes to business and tax strategies, professionals already have the knowledge and resources necessary to help their clients succeed.

These same clients, however, may also ask for technology advice related to their business management, workflow and internal accounting processes. With the diversity of small businesses and high net worth individuals in the United States, the best tools for one client may not be the best fit for another, but they expect their financial experts to provide guidance in finding and implementing solutions that can help them work more efficiently and profitably.

Helping them work smarter not only strengthens your relationship, but also can help you provide them with better service, through improved data accuracy and tighter financial controls. Plus, fiscally stronger clients are more likely to stay clients in the long run.

While it’s virtually impossible for any professional to keep up with all of the technologies and services on the market for tax and accounting professionals, or their small business clients, the 2012 Technology and Services Guide is your starting point, providing a one-stop reference tool that can help you find the right tools for own practice, and help clients in their businesses.

The guide features categorized listings for firm and client-side software, online programs, services and other technologies. This is just one of the resources that CPA Practice Advisor and NSA Practice Advisor offers as your source for the technology information you need to help your clients and your own firm be more productive and profitable.