CPA Practice Advisor’s Career Center Can Help College Grads with Post Grad Job Search

CPA Practice Advisor recently launched a new “Careers” page on our website. The Career Center, powered by CareerBuilder, offers job searching and interview tips and more, making it a valuable resource for college students on the brink of graduation.

Recent surveys by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Collegiate Employment Research Institute forecast an increase in the hiring of recent college graduates, which means it’s never too early for seniors to start their job search. Through the Career Center, college students and recent graduates have access to over 1.5 million job opportunities, career tests and salary reports.

According to the report released by NACE, businesses expect to hire 9.5 percent more college graduates this year than last year. CERI reported a projected hiring increase of 7 percent. Both reports found engineering to be among one of the most demanded majors, although hiring is up across all majors.

This is certainly exciting news for graduates, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any competition. Current students and recent graduates are attending job fairs and workshops in record numbers, dressed in business attire and resumes in hand. As job seekers aim to better position themselves as prospective new hires, they are encouraged to approach the jobs search as early and aggressively as possible.

With the new CPA Practice Advisor Career Center, users can take a career test, request a free salary report, search for jobs, and get tips on writing an effective cover letter and resume - all of which aid in making their job search a successful one.