2012 Who’s Who Among Those Serving the Tax & Accounting Profession

From the May 2012 Issue.

The success of your firm depends on so many factors, but none are more important than your dedication to your clients and your professional knowledge. Almost everything else is logistics and workflow: How you get your work done; How you provide finished products for your clients; How you collaborate with staff and clients; and How your firm prepares for future client work.

In the modern practice, the answer to all of these workflow process “hows” is determined by your adaptation and use of various technologies. And just as one of the most important factors in your success is your relationship with your clients, one of the greatest things that influences your workflow is the dedication the makers of those programs, services, apps and hardware have to you as their client.

The most effective technologies for practitioners today come from vendors who understand the profession and actively reach out to continue to know the real needs and pains that professionals have in their day-to-day workflow. Sometimes these are the large technology giants that are common names, but they are also often small technology specialists, sometimes with accounting professionals at their senior levels.

The technology providers in this special “Who’s Who” section are among those who have dedicated their own businesses to helping practicing public accountants be more productive and efficient in managing their firms and serving their clients. Take some time to get to know them, and you may find a technology or strategic partner that can help your practice realize success in the near term and the future.

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