2012 Review of Treeno Document Management 4.0

Treeno Software, Inc. - Treeno Document Management 4.0


From the May 2012 review of Document Management systems.

Best Firm Fit

Treeno is a good fit for small to mid-size firms that don’t want to deal with all of the technology issues and capital investments by leveraging the SaaS option. If your practice uses software from a variety of vendors, then the integration tools provided to help you leverage the functionality of Treeno from a multitude of applications is a real plus.

Click here to see a case study on how one organization is using Treeno Document Management.


  • Option to deploy as a SaaS or on-premise solution
  • Customized bar code scanning utility to streamline the scan and store process
  • Comprehensive workflow module with rules based routing
  • Built-in annotation tools, including redaction
  • 100+ file format previewer
  • Integrated portal

Potential Limitations

  • Limited penetration of accounting firm market


Treeno Document Management 4.0 is the most recent release of this comprehensive DMS solution. There is a wide array of features provided that help you streamline your management and processing of documents.

Some of the more notable features of Treeno include:

  • A customizable “document dashboard” that serves as your home page for the application to access document cabinets and review workflows tasks.
  • The “document center” is where you manage all of your files including uploading files and organizing them, initiating a document workflow, searching and editing documents. Users can customize the document listing interface for their individual preferences to eliminate unnecessary file information.
  • Treeno boasts “19 simple methods to upload documents and files.” These include: drag and drop from your desktop, creating custom bar codes with your metadata values for automating the scanning and filing process, a file upload button that can be accessed from any application and more.
  • Searching can be done at the metadata and full text level.
  • The Treeno Virtual Viewer lets you preview files in over 100 formats without having to launch the native application. This significantly reduces the time it takes to access the document information you are looking for.
  • Document access controls include view only access, versioning to archive and track multiple iterations of the file. A detailed access audit log is maintained.
  • Built-in annotation tools include redaction, highlighting, image stamps and drawing. A log of who recorded an annotation with a date/time stamp is included.
  • A built-in document workflow application allows you to establish your business processes using a graphical configuration tool. As a document works its way through the process, it can be automatically routed to the next person in line, who then receives an alert via email notification.
  • Documents can be published directly to a secure portal.

Summary & Pricing

Treeno falls into the category of “horizontal” DMS solutions. This means that is designed to be deployed in a variety of industries, reaching well beyond accounting and tax practices. It does not have direct integration with client accounting and tax preparation software out of the box. These will have to be configured as part of the implementation process.

You have the ability to deploy Treeno as either a hosted SaaS application for $50 per month for each concurrent user license, or as an on-premise version which starts at $3,995 for small firms needing four concurrent users or less. A 10 concurrent user license is $6,995. Treeno Vault is a bundled version that is delivered pre-installed on a server and is priced at $7,995.

2012 Ratings:

  • Core Product Functions/Features: 4.75
  • Document Workflow: 4.5
  • Document Control: 4.75
  • Special Features: 4.75

2012 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars