Increasing Business Productivity with Your iPad

In today’s world, many professionals, including in the tax and accounting profession, use an iPad as part of their daily business practice. While the iPad can be an invaluable business tool, it is important to remember that it is not a replacement for your laptop or desktop computer, says Andrew Rouse, Senior Manager at Blackman Kallick's Insurance Practice, an audit, tax and consulting services firm.

Understanding the iPad’s strengths and using the right apps will help maximize its potential. Generally, the iPad runs fast and has a long battery life, making it a great alternative to your laptop or desktop when portability is key.

“I travel a lot, meeting with clients and the iPad’s slim design and light weight allow me to take it everywhere without weighing me down,” says Rouse.

The ability to take the iPad everywhere is a major benefit to many professionals. It allows them to perform the following business functions and tasks outside of the office without losing productivity.

Rouse recently wrote an article detailing specifically how he uses the iPad for client work and other functions, including note taking, paperless document review, remote access to his work PC and professional programs, mobility and travel. You can read the full article here.