2012 Review of Thomson Reuters – GoFileRoom

Thomson Reuters – GoFileRoom


From the May 2012 review of Document Management systems.


  • 100% browser based SaaS solution
  • Integrated FirmFlow workflow application
  • Integrated TaxSort 1040 document recognition software
  • Flexible metadata configuration
  • Profiles for pre-assigning meta data values by document type with drag and drop

Potential Limitations:

  • Only available as a cloud based SaaS solution

Click here to see a case study of how one firm is using GoFileRoom.

Best Firm Fit: GoFileRoom is a good fit for firms that want to pursue a SaaS application to avoid the costs and staffing issues that are associated with an in-house solution. It also fits well if your firm is using a best of breed approach whereby you are using accounting and tax software applications from multiple vendors. If you have niche service offerings, the flexibility in configuring the metadata will be helpful.

GoFileRoom pioneered the market for a true SaaS based DMS for accounting firms when it was first released over ten years ago. It was originally marketed primarily to mid and large size firms. However, it has been actively marketed to small firms as well, since its acquisition by Thomson Reuters in 2006. There are four primary modules that makeup the suite: GoFileRoom DMS, FirmFlow (workflow application), Net Client CS (client portal) and TaxSort (automatic document recognition.)

Some of the more notable features of GoFileRoom include:

  • Intuitive graphical interface that resembles are traditional paper filing cabinet system
  • 100% browser based SaaS application
  • Completely configurable metadata document indexing model
  • Streamlines the uploading of standard document types with “profile” shortcuts that pre-assign most of the metadata
  • FirmFlow module provides a comprehensive solution for managing the scheduling, tracking and reporting on all engagements. This workflow application is directly integrated with the DMS.
  • Integration tools allow you to develop integrations with most popular tax, audit and accounting programs.
  • Direct integration with MS Office and Outlook to facilitate storing and retrieving files directly to/from GoFileRoom.
  • Security permissions can be established at the user, group, client and document level.
  • Integration with the robust NetClient CS portal.
  • Document version control.
  • Bar code scanning feature helps streamline document organization and scanning workflow.
  • TaxSort provides automatic document recognition, organization and data transfer to GoSystem tax.

Summary & Pricing:

GoFileRoom offers a quality DMS solution based on a 100% cloud based SaaS model and the integrated bundle of paperless applications. The integration tools provide the capability to integrate GoFileRoom with virtually any tax or accounting software application, which supports a best of breed approach to your software strategy. Pricing for GoFileRoom is based on a per user, per month model, with volume discounts.

2012 Ratings:

  • Core Product Functions/Features:5
  • Document Workflow:4.75
  • Document Control:4.75
  • Special Features: 5

2012 Overall Rating: 5 Stars