Franchisee Trends for 2012

Here's an idea for a franchise-based business I came up with, initially as a bit of a joke, but then I thought it had some real potential: Retirement community call centers.

Not to be confused with nursing homes, retirement communities are often filled with younger and more active seniors, many of whom have uprooted from their original family communities. Combine their active minds and still-capable bodies with some level of boredom and perhaps, with the crunch economy, some may be looking to augment diminished retirement income, and I think there's a good opportunity for some call centers to establish a presense in some of these communities.

As with any call center, there would be training involved, and these particular employees likely wouldn't want to work as many hours, but they'd be more mature and potentially loyal staffers. Just an idea- if you run with it and make it big, let me know.

In the currently-existing franchisee market, Entrepreneur Magazine just came out with it's annual list of trends they see taking shape for 2012. This list covers 10 industries, including: Fast food, child care, fitness, health services, resale stores, beauty, tutoring, senior care and other areas.

A couple of snippets from the Entrepreneur article:

  • Burgers
    The new breed of "better burger" restaurants is on the rise, while more seasoned fast-food franchises expand and experiment with their menus in order to compete.
  • Child Care
    Child care is a need that's not going away, and franchises offer  parents a variety of options, ranging from nannies and babysitters to educational child-care centers.

You can read the entire article at: