How to Choose a Business Name and Give It Meaning

The nation’s most notable brands, what are they? Brands such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Ebay may come to mind. If you’re in the initial phases of starting a small business, rebooting your brand, or rolling out a new product or promotion, you most likely aspire to have a brand name that everyone knows as well.

I’ve discovered that some small businesses are somewhat apprehensive about choosing a name that stands out. Unfortunately, most of them gravitate to bland, in-your-face choices. For example, a widget retailer would come up with a name like, #1 Premium Discount Widgets.

Before going any further, I would like to state that there is nothing wrong with aligning your company name with what you offer. I just happen to feel that (in many instances) a unique name leads to better branding. The most effective business branding starts with separating factors – one key factor being your name.

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