2011 Review of Cougar Mountain Software — DENALI FUND+Accounting

Cougar Mountain Software - Denali Fund+ Accounting Suite


From the November 2011 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems

Best Fit
DENALI is flexible and easily accessible, making it a perfect choice for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that desire a scalable and user-friendly product.


  • Modular design ensures system flexibility
  • Intuitive user interface make system navigation easy
  • Financial & Sales Dashboards
  • Excellent reporting customization options
  • Integration with DonorExpress for solid donation tracking & fundraising
  • Solid budgeting capability

Potential Limitations

  • Lack of document management capability
  • No grant tracking module


New from Cougar Mountain Software is the DENALI FUND+Accounting product, which is optimally designed for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that desire a scalable, flexible product. The FUND module is the latest addition to this robust product, which is a step up from the vendor’s previous product line.

Basic System Functions - 4.75 Stars

I accessed Denali via the Applianz technology offered by Cougar Mountain (CMS); and my experience during installation of this product has always been problem-free. For those wishing to migrate from CMS Professional, the vendor is providing assistance from support personnel. The updated Denali user interface is color coded, providing for easier navigation. A navigational flowchart helps users find the function they need, with access to system modules from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Users can easily customize system display screens to suit their needs, and will find useful lookup options throughout. Other Denali modules available include GL, AP, AR, Budget Management, Bank Reconciliation, Donor Tracking, Fixed Assets, Inventory Control, Payroll, Point of Sale, Purchase Order, BarCode Software, Gift Cards, Merchant Services, Multi-Location Inventory, Integrated eCommerce, and PDF Blaster. All modules work together to create a fully integrated suite, where users can purchase modules on an as-needed basis.

Core NFP/Fund Accounting Capabilities - 4.5 Stars

DENALI FUND+Accounting utilizes three defined segments in its account structure, with the option to create three additional segments as needed. Up to 50 characters can be used to create accounts. A batch system is used for processing all system transactions, including general journal entries as well as recurring and reversing journal entries. Transactions can also be saved and posted on a specified date. The batch system allows users to review all transactions prior to posting to help reduce errors.

All accounts set up in DENALI can have a distinct budget, and users can set up and maintain budgets for all funds. Budget estimates can be entered and, when approved, can be finalized with the click of a button. Each budget is assigned a code, and user-defined filters can be utilized as needed. The Budget Grid offers a quick view of existing budgets, as well as the option to edit info. DENALI easily integrates with DonorExpress to keep track of donors, donation amounts and potential donors. Users can easily track grant information by setting up a separate fund for each grant and maintaining a budget for each. Users can also choose to set up the automatic due to/due from entry option that will keep accounts in balance at all times. Each fund in DENALI must be closed separately at year-end. Once all funds have been closed, users can run the organization’s year-end process. DENALI contains excellent audit trail functionality, permanently recording all system transactions once they are posted. Users can easily pay vendors online, and the SinglePoint Server allows remote access for up to four users from any location.

Management Features - 4.5 Stars

DENALI’s customizable financial and sales dashboards provide users with valuable information such as current financial indicators, profit and loss, cash flow and product sales. Users can easily enter budget estimates during the initial stages of account setup, and later finalize numbers to reflect the true budget amounts. The Financial Dashboard offers customizable revenue and loss and cash flow information with user-defined date ranges and data size options. The Sales Dashboard offers a multitude of information such as Top Sales by Product, Sales Comparisons and Top Sales by Location.

System security is excellent, with both individual and group security options and system access set by module. Administrators can assign users to a specific group, with global rights for each group. Collection capability is excellent in the AR module, where users can track all customer transactions, including aging amounts, and can create collection letters as needed. Fundraising options are found in DonorExpress, where all donations and gifts can be entered, with thank you letters automatically issued. Prospective donors can also be entered and managed for targeted annual appeals, as well as other solicitations.

Financial Statements & Reporting - 5 Stars

Reporting options are excellent, with more than 120 standard reports available. All reports can be easily customized using the add-on Crystal Reports feature. DENALI contains numerous user-defined fields that can be used for reporting capabilities, including the GASB 34 statement. Required reports such as FASB reports, which include the Statement of Activities and Statement of Cash Flow, are also available. Grant and fund reports can be processed by sorting report filters by each individual fund to get the information necessary. All reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or to a third-party reporting application such as Crystal Reports.

Integration & Import/Export - 5 Stars

DENALI is a modular product, so all elements work together for solid system integration. Add-on modules can be purchased as needed. Users can easily import or export customer, vendor, transaction or payroll data as needed, and accountants can access DENALI remotely for easy data access and retrieval.

Help/Support - 4.75 Stars

Twelve months of the vendor’s Software Assurance plan is included with the purchase of DENALI. New users will also receive access to all system updates and available downloads, as well as a FAQs area on the website. The product contains an excellent Help function, and various software support plans are available. Training options include telephone, online and on-site training, as well as training at Cougar Mountain Software’s headquarters in Boise, Idaho. All software support is handled from their headquarters, as well. 4.75

Summary & Pricing

DENALI FUND + Accounting is an excellent addition to the Cougar Mountain Software DENALI suite. Suitable for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations and government entities, DENALI modules start at $595 per module (which includes the Software Assurance plan) and a required $295 user license.

2011 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars