2011 Review of CYMA Systems Inc. — CYMA Not-For Profit Fund Accounting Software

CYMA Systems Inc. — CYMA Not-For Profit Fund Accounting Software

From the November 2011 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems

Best Fit
CYMA would fit well in small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that require flexibility, scalability, and customization capabilities not often found in basic, off-the-shelf products.


  • Excellent report customization
  • Solid grant tracking
  • Easy system navigation
  • Solid import/export capability
  • 3 separate data-entry modes

Potential Limitations

  • No fundraising module available


CYMA Systems has been offering a Not-For-Profit edition of its popular accounting software for more than 30 years. Completely modular, all CYMA modules can be purchased on an as-needed basis.

Basic System Functions - 5 Stars

Easily installed onto a desktop system, CYMA features simplified navigation with drop-down menus. Users can also choose from a series of tabs that provide quick access to features such as Getting Started, New in this version and Module Tutorials. All system navigation is done through the System Manager module, which contains the eDesk feature. eDesk simplifies user navigation by providing the ability to fully customize entry screens to suit user needs, along with the ability to set up quick links to frequently used system functions and web links. Users will find product tutorials and other reference documents in the eDesk, as well.

The System Manager allows users to attach documents to system files as well as access audit trail files. Available CYMA modules include the following: AR, AP, After the Fact Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, CYMA Alerts, CYMA Business Insight, GL, Grant Tracking, HRexPRess, Inventory Control, Job Costing, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Project Tracking, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and System Manager. Additional features include Electronic Employee Forms, State Payroll Forms, MICR Check Package, Disaster Recovery Program, and CYMA Managed Backup. Integrated reporting options are also available with both F9 and Crystal Reports. The System Manager module is required with any software purchase.

Core NFP/Fund Accounting Capabilities - 4.75 Stars

CYMA offers a flexible account structure, with the ability to utilize up to 24 alphanumeric characters and up to 10 segments for each account. Multiple transaction types are easily processed, including general journal entries, allocated entries, and recurring and automatic reversing journal entries. Up to 13 budgets can be created for each account in the system, each easily uploaded into CYMA from spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. The Quick Budget entry option allows for quickly entering budget totals, with the option to edit or revise later. Integration with Donor Express allows for tracking and managing all donor files. CYMA’s optional Grant Tracking module tracks budgets for each grant entered into the system while also tracking activity against each grant. It also allows for entering funding sources and funding source types. All transactions recorded are easily reflected in the financial modules.

Features such as the Automatic Offset, Additional Fund Maintenance and Balance Function provide automated fund balancing for all funds currently being managed. Users have access to unlimited historical years, and CYMA offers both cross-year and multiple period reporting capabilities. Separate companies can also be set up for each individual project or program with year-end closings varying based on user or program requirements. Audit trail capability is available for any transaction entry or record update processed through the system. The AP module offers the ability to email invoices or statements directly to customers and also contains EFT ability, making it easy to process electronic payments directly to vendors. The Bank Reconciliation module allows for quick importing of all bank transactions for account reconciliation.

Management Features - 4.5 Stars

CYMA’s eDesk offers the ability to create report shortcuts for quick access to organizational statistics. The Financial Calculators available from the eDesk interface offer report options that cover common financial area such as cash flow and break-even analysis. CYMA also offers quick budget setup with the ability to import budget information from a CSV file. Users can also choose to utilize the quick budget feature or enter budget detail as needed. CYMA offers multi-level security options, including company, data entry and system function access. Statements are easily emailed from user screens, and user-defined invoices and statements are easily produced. Invoices can also be emailed to multiple recipients. As previously noted, CYMA integrates with Donor Express, a third-party donor and fundraising product. Using the requisite System Manager module, documents, images and any other files can be attached to customer, vendor, employee or grant files.

Financial Statement & Reporting - 5 Stars

Financial statements can be customized and new reports added. For further customization capability, users can choose to use CYMA with Crystal Reports or F9 Financial Reporter. The system offers an excellent selection of financial reports and nonprofit-specific reports such as FASB 117 financial statements, including Statements of Financial Positions, Statement of Activities and Statement of Functional Expenses. Grant-specific reports available include Detail Ledger, Grant Transaction Report and Grant Action Report. All CYMA reports can be exported to a variety of system formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, RPT and XML.

Integration & Import/Export - 4.25 Stars

Data can be imported from CSV files. CYMA’s modules can be purchased on an as-needed basis and all integrate to provide a complete nonprofit financial system. The system also integrates with a long list of third-party products designed to work with the base system, including fixed assets, shipping, time and attendance, and donor management and fundraising solutions.

Help/Support - 5 Stars

CYMA includes solid Help functionality. The CYMA Update Center offers access to all available downloads and software updates. Enrollment in the Software Maintenance program is required for all new users. The CYMA Knowledgebase contains a list of FAQs and technical tips. Technical Support is also available, with both per-incident and unlimited telephone support plans available. A variety of training options include online training and onsite consulting. CYMA also provides users with a complete set of user manuals for all installed modules.

Summary & Pricing

CYMA Not-For-Profit-Accounting 2011 is a terrific fund accounting product, ideal for mid-size organizations with multiple grant sources. However, its modular structure would make it suitable for nonprofits of just about any size. CYMA pricing starts at $645 per module, with pricing typically starting at $1,945 for three modules. Grant Tracking is an additional $395.

2011 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars